Body Image Group Series

Absolutely AMAZING resource by Canada’s Western Health. My go-to guide when it comes to body image groups. 107 pages of activities, psychoeducation materials, and examples to discuss. This may qualify for a splurge to print in color and stuck in paper-protector sheets in the 3-ring binder. Can’t praise it enough. Adaptable to all ages honestly.

Body image is one of the main contributors to low self-esteem in mental health and is a struggle for men and women of all ages.


Topic: Body Image, Self Esteem

Supplies Needed: Depends on Activity Chosen- Mostly Written Work

Prep Time: No Prep for many options

Activity: Wide Range

Age Range: Teens

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Thoughts & Suggestions

Full lesson plans for numerous group sessions, including scripts and activities, about body image.

Table of Contents:

  • Activity 1: Scavenger Hunt (Icebreaker)
  • Activity 2: How’s Your Body Image?
  • Activity 3: Body expression!
  • Activity 4: What Makes an Ideal Body?
  • Activity 5: Celebrate Your Unique Qualities
  • Activity 6: Social Pressure (TV Shows)
  • Activity 7: Magazine Collage!
  • Activity 8: Mixed Messages
  • Activity 9: Who Says Who is Beautiful
  • Activity 10: Circle of Influence
  • Activity 11: Balloon Activity
  • Activity 12: Warm Fuzzies
  • Activity 13: Journal Entry Exercise
  • Activity 14: Ball Toss!
  • Activity 15: The Diet Trap
  • Activity 16: The Body Image Thing
  • Activity 17: Music – Song Lyrics

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