A Self-Help Guide to Controlling Anger Workbook with Worksheets

Self-Help Worksheets

Anger becomes a problem when it becomes too strong, happens too often, lasts too long, spoils relationships or work and if in particular if it leads to violence or

Manchester, UK Public Health Department Service put together this 24 page guide to explain What is Anger? and How to control Anger.
It expands on concepts such as:

  • Recognize your angry thoughts and begin to challenge them.
  • Challenge any unhelpful thoughts or beliefs that don’t allow you to let go of anger.
  • Use relaxation and other ways to control the physical symptoms of anger.
  • Understand and control angry behavior, try new calmer actions.
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills.
  • Do not allow yourself to continue with long term critical beliefs about yourself.


Topic: Anger

Supplies Needed: Print it out.

Prep Time: No Prep (Besides Printing)

Activity: Written Workbook

Age Range: Adults

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Thoughts & Suggestions

“You may feel that you can do little to control your anger – but there are things that you can do to make a difference. This guide aims to help you cope with anger. It includes pen and paper exercises in the booklet to help you begin to understand and deal with your anger in practical ways. You should find it helpful to complete these exercises.”

Direct Download the PDF Here

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