Topic: Self-Control / Self-Awareness

Supplies Needed: Make a word document and Print it.

Prep Time: No Prep

Activity: Written

Age Range: Teens & Adults

Face it, ___________(your name), you are about the greatest thing since __________(favorite food). No one else can __________(verb) like you can. Your best friend says you are the __________(adjective)-est person in the world. Sure, you once ____________________ (embarrassing thing you did), but you also ____________________(honorable thing you did). So, __________(favorite endearment), today is the day you’re going to stop beating up on yourself for being __________(negative adjective) and start loving yourself for being _________(positive adjective), __________(positive adjective) and __________(positive adjective). And if people give you a __________(adjective) time, just tell ’em they can take their __________(noun) and __________(verb) it up their __________(body part)!

Thoughts & Suggestions