Topic: Self-Awareness, Substance Use,

Supplies Needed: Two Chairs & Multi-Colored Scarves

Prep Time: No Prep

Activity: Expressive Psychodrama Activity

Age Range: Could be brought to any age level creatively.


Thoughts & Suggestions

Christa frames the activity’s purpose is to confront the deception our minds use to get the “feel good” that they crave.

“Euphoric recall is when a person remembers only the pleasure associated with drug use/abuse and ignores the negative consequences. This recall is a lie the addicted mind tries to convince itself is truth. That there are no consequences, and even if there are, they are worth it. When in reality, people who are in the throws of addiction can end up loosing everything they care about, and all too often their own lives.”

Every emotion/urge/drive we are overwhelmed by serves a(n) (albeit maladjusted) purpose. It’s vital to see it for what it is to be able to intentionally choose our direction.