Topic: Gratitude, Self-Awareness, Life Story

Supplies Needed: Pencil and pen or pencil or marker or basically anything to make a list.

Prep Time: No Prep

Activity: Written Activity

Age Range: Any Age

Instead of writing a list of amazing things that you “hope” to do for the rest of your life, make a list of all the amazing things you have ALREADY done – either significant accomplishments or fabulous experiences.

How about this – start with making a Reverse Bucket List Top Ten just for this year. Then make an All Time Reverse Bucket List of your Top 25. Then do this every year – your new annual list and an updated Top 25 if new accomplishments/experiences supplant older ones.

Doesn’t that seem like more fun that writing a list of things you “should” do for the next year?

Once you make your All Time and Annual lists, take some time to relive the experiences, appreciate your accomplishments, and savor the memories. Appreciate the opportunities that you have had to do these things and take some time to be thankful for them.

Research (Sood, Fredrickson, and others), shows that people who take the time to experience and express Gratitude are happier and more productive. They also have overall better health, including a stronger immune system and lower blood pressure.

It sounds like you better start working on that Reverse Bucket List right now!

Get out your calendar to remind you of what you have done in the past year or more. Dig through old photos to remind yourself of years further back or check old Facebook posts. Ask friends and family to help brainstorm your All Time list if that is more helpful.

Thoughts & Suggestions

Write as if no one will ever see it. This list is for you as the original poster realized, “I began to realize that just because an item didn’t sound like a big deal to others, that didn’t mean it was not special or important to me.” If you have experiences you’re grateful for or that impacted you, don’t be shy to put them on the list. The longer the better!