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Topic: Boundaries, Social Skills, Self-Control

Supplies Needed: None

Prep Time: No Prep

Activity: Discussion Activities

Age Range: Children & Teens

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Lyrics to Space Invader from #Superflex My #Hero Inside MusicThe idea of teaching kids the social skill of personal space through space protectors and space invaders is nothing new - but I'm going to s...Picture


Use the idea of a bubble as a way to talk about personal space and boundaries. It is a sacred space, vital and essential to our growth and happiness. It protects us from the energy we automatically pick up from each other and allows us to deal with our own emotions without being bombarded by outside information.Boundaries and personal space can be challenging concepts, use the bubble as a visual to explain.

– Make bubbles together and talk about the physical aspects of a bubble. How it is small and fragile, can be invisible and yet it’s there as well.
– Discuss boundaries and personal space. Be as specific as you can about what is acceptable and not.
– Talk about emotional boundaries and how to protect ourselves from other people’s words, actions and emotions. (Source)

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Personal Space Camp: Boy Space Invader coloring sheet

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