Instant Gratification and Addiction

Recovery Revived does an excellent job at describing the link between instant gratification and addiction.

Drugs and alcohol provide us instant gratification by flooding our brains reward system with feelings of euphoria. For individuals that focus on external things to fix their dissatisfaction, drugs and alcohol can become a quick fix.

Then they present a solution to fighting the impulses by using:

  • Acceptance
  • Long-Term Goals
  • Rewarding Yourself
  • Prioritizing

Handout on Instant GratificationBasics

Topic: Substance Use, Impulse Control, Self-Control

Supplies Needed: None

Prep Time: No Prep

Activity: Discussion

Age Range: Teens & Adults

Thoughts & Suggestions

What you want and what you need aren't always the same. Be willing to delay short-term gratification for long-term greatness. - Mandy Hale

“The cause of most of man’s unhappiness is sacrificing what he wants most for what he wants now.
– Gordon B. Hinkley

The Instant Gratification Trap is when you choose not to do something even though you know this action is necessary to help you obtain your long-term goals.