Topic: Emotions & Feelings
Supplies Needed: Cups (Preferably Multi-Colored), Ping-Pong Balls, Sharpie, Table to Set Cups Up on
Prep Time: Some Prep
Activity:Physical Activity
Age Range:Any Age

Created my Hope 4 Hurting Kids, this activity can be fun for all ages. Having said that, if you’re working with SUD groups, be prepared for the jokes and comments. This is how the activity is described by Hope 4 Hurting Kids

Here’s what you need:

  1. Plastic cups (9, 13, 18 or 24 cups work best for a pyramid). We used multi-colored cups so each color represented a group of emotions but that isn’t necessary for the game.
  2. Ping-Pong balls.
  3. Permanent Marker.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write the names of different emotions on the bottom of each cup.
  2. Set up the cups (right-side-up) on one end of a table in a pyramid shape.
  3. Have the player stand at the other end of the table.
  4. Try to bounce the ping-pong balls into one of the cups.
  5. When the ball lands in one of the cups, turn it over see what emotion it is.
  6. Have the child act out the emotion or talk about a time they experienced it.

Thoughts & Suggestions

Like the resource says, you could have them talk about a time or act out the emotion. You could also try having them draw it on the whiteboard or see how fast they can get their team to guess what it is. Maybe they have to talk about a song or movie clip that portrays that emotion. So many options!